Search maven from the commandline using httpie and jq

Sometimes I like to know what the latest version of a library in maven central is. As I don’t like to always open a browser tab for search but almost always have a terminal window at hand, I just wrote s small script that uses httpie and jq to get the information I want (that’s all one line in the script): #!/usr/bin/env sh http rows==10000 q=="$1" | jq '[] | .

fix maven-release-plugin not committing changed pom.xml when using git repository

With one of my projects I just had the problem that the maven-release-plugin did not work as expected: I did a mvn release:prepare, answered the questions about the version number of the release and the next snapshot version, but the release plugin did not work as expected: The version in the pom.xml was updated to the release version, the pom.xml was added to git stage, but not committed. After that, the new tag was created on the version that had still the pom.

Update of maven module version reference to parent pom

In a multi-module maven project the poms of the modules refer to the parent pom by using the parent’s version number. The module’s version normally will be taking from the parent pom. If the parent’s version changes, all the modules poms must be updated to reflect this change. This can be automatically done with the command: mvn -N versions:update-child-modules