annotation based Logger injection in Spring with Kotlin

what’s it all about In this post I show how to implement an annotation-based Logger injection in Spring when writing the application with Kotlin . The used technique is quite far from new, basically what I do is implement a BeanPostProcessor which scans the properties of the beans for fields annotated with a custom annotation and sets these fields to a Logger instance. Examples how to implement this in Java can be found on the web, here I show the Kotlin version.

a simple web based chat application built with Kotlin, Vaadin, Spring Boot and Apache Kafka

Intro In this post I show how to combine some language / frameworks and libraries / tools to build a web-based scalable chat application. I chose the following combination of tools: Kotlin as implementation language Vaadin for the web-based application Apache Kafka as the message backend Spring-Boot to get all together and running As I am bad in creating cool names for projects I just put together the first letters of the used tools and named this whole thing kovasbak.