mapjfx 1.7.3 with OpenLayers 3.17.1 and removed MapQuest supprt

mapjfx version 1.7.3 is released to maven central; the artifact coordinates are:


The source is available at GitHub.

Now version 3.17.1 of OpenLayers is used. The support for MapQuest maps is removed, this being a consequence of it’s removal from OpenLayers (more info to be found here).

Comments and contributions welcome.

One thought on “mapjfx 1.7.3 with OpenLayers 3.17.1 and removed MapQuest supprt

  1. thank you very much! sothawo is very useful for me.
    but i have some trouble.
    I want make a click on a marker and show dialog. But I did not know How to do it.
    like MapView, I can add a event on this,like below. but I cannot do the something on a marker。what I can do ? Thank again.
    mapView.addEventHandler(CoordinateEvent.MAP_CLICKED, event -> {
    if (markerClick.getVisible()) {
    boolean needToAddMarker = (null == markerClick.getPosition());
    if (needToAddMarker) {
    // adding can only be done after coordinate is set

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