mapjfx 1.7.3 with OpenLayers 3.17.1 and removed MapQuest supprt

mapjfx version 1.7.3 is released to maven central; the artifact coordinates are:


The source is available at GitHub.

Now version 3.17.1 of OpenLayers is used. The support for MapQuest maps is removed, this being a consequence of it’s removal from OpenLayers (more info to be found here).

Comments and contributions welcome.

1 thought on “mapjfx 1.7.3 with OpenLayers 3.17.1 and removed MapQuest supprt

  1. thank you very much! sothawo is very useful for me.
    but i have some trouble.
    I want make a click on a marker and show dialog. But I did not know How to do it.
    like MapView, I can add a event on this,like below. but I cannot do the something on a marker。what I can do ? Thank again.
    mapView.addEventHandler(CoordinateEvent.MAP_CLICKED, event -> {
    if (markerClick.getVisible()) {
    boolean needToAddMarker = (null == markerClick.getPosition());
    if (needToAddMarker) {
    // adding can only be done after coordinate is set

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