mapjfx version 1.4.7 released

mapjfx has reached versions 1.4.7 and can be found at maven central, the artifact coordinates are:


The source is available at GitHub.

This fixes a regression that kept mapjfx from working with JDK 1.8u60-

Comments and contributions welcome.

3 thoughts on “mapjfx version 1.4.7 released

  1. I just tried the mapjfx-demo (version cloned today), but could not make it work (tried with a window box and both JDKu40 and JDK8u60) until I changed the new mapjfx version from 1.4.7 to older 1.4.6 version in mapjfx-demo pom file.
    Error was
    19:43:31.514 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR com.sothawo.mapjfx.MapView – loading ol/3.9.0/ol.css no protocol: ol/3.9.0/ol.css
    and some other errord trying to load various .js files

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