mapfjx-1.0.0 released

I released version 1.0.0 of the mapjfx project to maven central. It can be found at


The source is available at GitHub.

The showcase program contained in the sources displays the possibilities:

  • Above the map are some buttons, the first three set the center of the map to a predefined value, the fourth sets the zoom value.
  • Next to the buttons is a slider for setting the zoom level. This slider is birectional bound to the zoom property of the map view, so that changes by the slider are shown in the map and changes by using the map controls move the slider
  • Below the map view is a status line that reflects the current value for center and zoom, these values are adjusted when the map changes either programmatically or by the user panning or doubleclicking the map or using the map controls.


Comments and contributions are welcome!